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Selected newspaper-New evening newspaper


  • Chinese name:新夜报
  • Publisher:New evening newspaper Press
  • English Name:New evening newspaper
  • Language:Chinese
  • Type:Business newspapers
  • Interval of issue:Daily
  • First issue:June 6th, 1932
  • Final issue:May 25th, 1949
  • Other edition:
  • Supplement:
  • Related celebrity:Mao Zipei, Chen Dieyi, Shao Piaoping

Brief introduction:New Evening Newspaper was first issued on June 6th, 1932 (21st year of the R.O.C) and formerly known as Evening Paper of Morning Post until July 1st. It was published by Shanghai Morning Post Press managed by Pan Gongzhan, with He Xiya, Wang Xinming as chief writers, Fu Jifang as manager, Qian Fugong and Tang Zeng as editor-in-chief. On February 1st, 1936, the newspaper was closed under the order of Chiang Kai-shek.

After the victory of Anti-Japanese War, New Evening Newspaper was resumed in Shanghai on May 12th, 1946 (35th year of the R.O.C) but was closed again on May 25th, 1949 before the liberation of Shanghai.