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Business introduction

    Established in 1992, Green Apple Data Center is the first enterprise in China in digital publication. Focusing on e-publication as well as developing, production and sales of database products for the past 20 years, GA has finished over 100 large-scale projects home and abroad in digitalization. Gradually developing from production only to diversified operation, GA has become the leading digitalization producer and content supplier in China.
With over 1,000 employees majoring in Computer Science, foreign languages, Chinese, Library and Intelligence, Artistic Designing, etc., GA owns 6 branches respectively in Hunan, Beijing, Shandong, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and the United States. Currently, the annual production capacity of GA has reached 25 billion characters, With constant technical improvement, GA has established a mature and unique production system in digitalization. In accord with demands from international market, GA successfully developed multi-lingual database search platform, data quality control platform and layout reconstruction technology, which enabled GA to produce various large-scale database and digital publication.
    In strategy of development, GA sticks to the principle of parallel development in processing and production, with balance between domestic and international market. So far, the accumulated text resource of GA has reached the amount of 20 billion characters, with the addition of 20,000 audio programs, 100,000 images and 400,000 pieces of music, which support GA’s production. GA has solely invested or co-developed over 100 digital publications and obtained authorizations for distributing many important newspapers such as People’s Daily, Guangming Daily and Shen Bao, classics as Literature of Mao Zedong, Literature of Deng Xiaoping and Literature of Jiang Zemin as well as thousands of other digital publications. Among those, Database of Artistic Performances in National Theatre, Literature of Mao Zedong, People’s Daily and Encyclopedia on China’s Electric Power have become the most representative pieces of GA’s production, with prizes and awards such as “National Award for Excellent Digital Publication” ”Award for Outstanding Publication on Chinese Culture” and ”Wang Xuan Prize for Science and Technology in Journalism”. The digital publications produced by GA have gained the popularity in the Chinese market.
    GA expand its sales area by participating in various business activities. So far, GA has made appearances in over 100 domestic exhibitions and over 20 international book fairs on e-publications and database products, such as Hong Kong Book Fair, Japan Book Fair, US East Asia Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair, etc. Till now, GA has built up a global sales network that covers more than 20 countries and regions.
    The three focus of GA’s future development are as follows:
    Target at the market of outsourcing service in rare foreign languages and expand the scale of production;
    Target at the products on Chinese cultural heritage and build up core culture database;
    Target at mass audience in China and professional digital publications to establish major brand; expand international sales channel via internet, domestic sales channel via telecommunication, TV network and internet.

    1. Production of digitalized products
    Including webpage, E-book, E-newspaper, E-periodical and database product.
    2. International outsourcing service
    Provide international outsourcing service in digitalization and content supply
    3. Content supply for digitalized products
    The products of GA including E-book, E-periodical, E-newspaper and database are sold via the internet, direct sales channel or regional distributors.
    4. Creative cultural products
    Customized products such as flash disk, collection of literature, thematic database, etc.
    6. Copyright cooperation
    Till now, GA has accumulated large amount of resource with copyright, including books, periodicals, audio and video programs. We are seeking cooperation in the aspect of copyright transaction and exchange.
    6. Advertising
    Place advertisement in GA products, such as flash disks, database products, etc.
    7. Computer language material in Chinese
    With Microsoft and Toshiba as the two major clients currently.
    8. Software development
    Including software of database platform and data encryption, privacy protection software and reading platform for mobile phone.