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 Founction of Database

Database Persuade

1. Service Overview
We have implemented a new database on the Web by digitizing the original paper editions of Shen Bao published from 1872 to 1949. The newspapers provided by our service are not simple images, but rather full texts that are searchable using a wide range of criteria, including keywords and datas.
2. Service Description
This service is provided through the newspaper viewer, and readers can perform advanced and browsing searches from links on the main page. The search results can be viewed in both Chinese (simplified and traditional) and English.
  1. 1) Main Page
The main page provides information on Shen Bao, the service platform, and using the service.
  1. 2) Advanced Search
The Advanced Search feature allows users to input keywords and search for articles byselecting a number of options, including datas, section, title, and author. The keyword inputwindow features handwriting recognition, which allows users to write keywords using their mouse. It is easy to set specific datas for a search by dragging the handle on the timeline. Users can also view search results in images, summaries, or titles, which can be sorted according to accuracy, or in chronological/reverse-chronological order.
  1. 3) Browsing
The browsing feature allows users to view any newspaper published on a specific data.
  1. 4) The Newspaper Viewer
The newspaper viewer allows users to view articles as if they were reading the actual printededition of the newspaper. Readers can quickly zoom in and out on an image by double-clicking the mouse or adjusting its wheel. Furthermore, articles can be selected with a single mouse click and viewed or saved in one of four ways: view text, print, download PDF file, or send as email. Users can search for articles that contain particular words on a newspaper page. The viewer also provides easy access to the ten articles the user viewed most recently.The viewer option allows the user to view entire pages (its images or text), set image zoom ratios, and read the help file.