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Database Functions

   With digital reconstruction and full text search technologies as well as compatibility with both Acrobat Reader and IE Explorer, Huawenku offers reader the alternative of original PDF page and text form.
1.Full text reading
   Access to all the articles and images within the database
2.Search articles
   Enable accurate search by typing in criteria as keyword, date, issue, title, year, author, edition, column, page name with and/or/not in between.
3.Viewing page
   Select date and edition/page to read from the list of articles or pages. Adjustable page size up to full screen.
4.Display original page
   Click on the overview screen to open the original page.
5.Bookmark feature
   Click a bookmark to draw the article to the center of the screen for reading.
   Preview and print, download a single article or in batch.
7.Advanced search
   Advanced search within previous search result.
8.Generate sub-database on special topic
   Enable search on any specified topic to generate a sub-database on the searched topic or store the searched articles on a compact disc.