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Selected newspaper-Su Pao


  • Chinese name:苏报
  • Publisher:Su Pao Press
  • English Name:Su Pao
  • Language:Chinese
  • Type:Business newspapers
  • Interval of issue:Daily
  • First issue:June 26th, 1896
  • Final issue:July 7th, 1903
  • Other edition:Zhenjiang Edition 1930—1937
  • Supplement:
  • Related celebrity:

Brief introduction:Su Pao was first issued on June 26th, 1896 in Shanghai, which was a very famous daily newspaper in late Qing Dynasty. In 1903, the patriotic student Zhang Shizhao became the chief writer for Su Pao, when the paper added two columns on students movement and revolutionary campaign. The newspaper was closed down on July 7th, 1903, which was known as the “Su Pao Incident”. The revolutionary promotion and the “Su Pao Incident” had cast a great influence on the development of democratic revolution in and out of China at that time.