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Selected newspaper-Peace News


  • Chinese name:和平日报
  • Publisher:Peace News Press
  • English Name:Peace News
  • Language:Chinese
  • Type:Business newspapers
  • Interval of issue:Daily
  • First issue:March 25th, 1946
  • Final issue:March 20th, 1948
  • Other edition:Sao Dang Bao
  • Supplement:
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Brief introduction:The Shanghai edition of Peace News was a newspaper of Kuomintang’s military system, which was first issued on the News Year’s Day of 1946 (35th year of the R.O.C) as a double page daily. It was formerly known as Sao Dang Bao, controlled by Kuomintang’s army. After the outbreak of anti-Japanese war, the newspaper was moved to Chongqing. The name of the newspaper was changed into Peace News after the victory of the war. The press took over all the facilities of Da Lu Xin Bao and Da Lu Bao, which used to be controlled by Japan and Puppet Government, to publish Shanghai edition of Peace News. The newspaper was taken over by Shanghai Military Control Commissions of the PLA after the liberation of Shanghai in May, 1949.