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Selected newspaper-Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury


  • Chinese name:大美晚报
  • Publishing house:Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury Press
  • English Name:Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury
  • Language:English、Chinese
  • Category:Business newspaper
  • Period:Daily
  • Establishing time:April 16th, 1929
  • The final issue time:June, 1949
  • Other edition:Evening News、Morning Post、Shanghai Newspaper、Chongqing edition
  • Supplement:Ye Guang
  • Famous newspaperman:

Brief introduction:Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury is a famous English newspaper founded by American nationals in Shanghai at the beginning of 20th century, which was first issued on April 16th, 1929 in Shanghai and formerly known as Evening News. On August 13th, 1930, the name of the newspaper changed into Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury after merging English newspaper Wen Wei Po. The newspaper targeted American nationals in Shanghai as major reader group and focused on reporting events and activities of Americans and other western nationals in China.

Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury added Chinese version on January 16th, 1933. On December 1st, 1937, the newspaper added morning post in Chinese, which frequently publishing articles with Anti-Japanese theme. After occupying the concession, Japanese troops took over the newspaper and change the name into Shanghai Newspaper. Gould resumed publishing of the newspaper in Chongqing in 1943 and resumed the newspaper in Shanghai in August, 1945 after the surrender of Japan. Under the liberation of Shanghai in early May, 1949, Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury published its final issue in late June.