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Selected newspaper-Peking and Tientsin Times


  • Chinese name:京津泰晤士报
  • Publishing house:
  • English Name:Peking and Tientsin Times
  • Language:EnglishChinese
  • Category:Business newspaper
  • Period:Daily
  • Establishing time:March, 1894
  • The final issue time:1941
  • Other edition:
  • Supplement:
  • Famous newspaperman:

Brief introduction:Peking and Tientsin Times was founded by a British architect William Bellingham, with the support from Municipal Council in British concession. The newspaper was first issued in March, 1894 as weekly and changed into daily newspaper since October 1st, 1902. It appeared to be a business newspaper, but the financial support from British Municipal Council, Tientsin determined its nature to be a semi-official British newspaper. The newspaper was closed out after the outbreak of Pacific War in 1941. With Shao Piaoping writing articles, Einstein acting as editor for a while, the newspaper was considered as “Bible” for foreigners in North China. 

After the outbreak of Pacific War on December 8th, 1941, the British concession was taken over by the Japanese troops. Suppressed like many other English newspapers in China, Peking and Tientsin Times was forced to stop publishing.