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Selected newspaper-republic daily (Han Kou)


  • Chinese name:民国日报(汉口)
  • Publishing house:press of republic of daily
  • English Name:
  • Language:Chinese
  • Category:
  • Period:daily
  • Establishing time:20th Nov 1926
  • The final issue time:30th Sep 1927
  • Other edition:
  • Supplement:
  • Famous newspaperman:

Brief introduction:Republic daily(Hou Kou) is the first organ newspaper of KMT during the first civil war period. Which established on 20th Nov 1926.was formly know as organ newspaper of Hu Bei province party, and later as public speaking organ for national government and nationalist central party,meanwhile its important public voice for CPC to set up revolutionary united front.On july of 1927, Wuhan national government has colluded with Nanjing national government, parties were forced to leave publishing house, and the attribution of the newspaper changed.and also suspended at the same year of 30th Sep.