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Selected newspaper-Anti-enemy newspaper


  • Chinese name:抗敌报
  • Publishing house:political department anti-enemy newspaper office of JINCHAJI military region.
  • English Name:GuangMing Daily
  • Language:Chinese
  • Category:Political newspaper
  • Period:three-day double-day
  • Establishing time:11th Dec1937
  • The final issue time:7th Nov 1940
  • Other edition:
  • Supplement:anti-enemy supplement, anti-enemy three-day edition,Army newspaper.
  • Famous newspaperman:

Brief introduction:first issued at Hu Pin county Hu Bei province on Oct 1937.and officially published on 11th of Dec 1937 by Political department anti-enemy publishing house.the leadership position have successively took by Shafei, Hongshui,Dengtuo. April 1938,it has upgraded to organ newspaper of CPC party newspaper of Jinchaji region,and later developed to branch newspaper of CPC Jinchaji region.