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Selected newspaper-GIU GUO SHI BAO


  • Chinese name:救国时报
  • Publishing house:GIU GUO SHI BAO Press
  • English Name:
  • Language:Chinese
  • Category: Political newspaper
  • Period:weekly, five-day three-day
  • Establishing time:December 9, 1935
  • The final issue time:February 10, 1938
  • Other edition:GIU GUO BAO
  • Supplement:
  • Famous newspaperman:

Brief introduction:The Chinese newspaper was firstly published in Paris by Wuyuzhang, a member of Chinese party.and established on 9th first, it issued at form of weekly edition, and have been changed to five-day newspaper since its sixth publishing on Jan suspended on 10th Feb 1938.totally have been published 152 times. The majority funs of this newspaper were oversea Chinese.43 counters were at range of publishing place.