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Selected newspaper-Shun Pao


  • Chinese name:申报
  • Publishing house:Shun Pao press
  • English Name:Shun Pao
  • Language: Chinese
  • Category:Business newspaper
  • Period: daily newspaper
  • Establishing time:30th April 1872 (23th march 11th of Qing dynasty )
  • The final issue time:27th may 1949
  • Other edition:1938.01-1938.07 Han Kou edition、1938.03-1939.07 Hong Kong edition
  • Supplement:
  • Famous newspaperman:Shi Liang Cai, Li Lie Wen, Zhou Shou He

Brief introduction:Shun Pao was named of Shen river bao, which was established in 30th April 1872 (23th march 11th of Qing dynasty ).that is the most longest issued newspaper in China,and has far-reaching social effects.standing for Chines newspaper beginning.Shun pao suspended on 27th May 1949,for which running 78 years , and has had issued 25600 in total.