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Selected newspaper-Tianjin Economic Daily


  • Chinese name:天津商报
  • Publisher:Tianjin Economic Daily Press
  • English Name:Tianjin Economic Daily
  • Language:Chinese
  • Type:Business newspapers
  • Interval of issue:Daily
  • First issue:June 27th, 1928
  • Final issue:July, 1937
  • Other edition:
  • Supplement:Pictorials
  • Related celebrity:

Brief introduction:At the late Qing Dynasty, Tianjin Chamber of Commerce founded Tianjin Newspaper, and later changed the name into Tianjin Business Daily. The newspaper was established for the purpose of exchanging business information, aiming at promoting business for the whole community to accomplish free communication and common progress. With a large group of readers in China, Tianjin Business Daily had received attention from not only domestic business associations but also business community abroad. The newspaper had become an important media in this regard.