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Selected newspaper-The New Youth


  • Chinese name:新青年
  • Publisher:The New Youth Press
  • English Name:The New Youth
  • Language:Chinese
  • Type:Political newspapers
  • Interval of issue:Monthly, quarterly
  • First issue:September 15th, 1915
  • Final issue:July, 1926
  • Other edition:Youth Magazine
  • Supplement:
  • Related celebrity:chen duxiu

Brief introduction:The New Youth was a comprehensive monthly which was first issued on September 15th, 1915 in Shanghai. Its pilot issue named Youth Magazine and the name was changed into The New Youth since the issue on September 1st, 1916. After an interval since July, 1922, it became quarterly issued starting from June, 1923 and the official publication of CPC Central Committee. Since April, 1925, the magazine had published 5 issues with uncertain intervals and stopped in July the next year. The New Youth in late stage had introduced a large number of Marxism-Leninism literature and experience of international proletarian revolutionary movement.