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Selected newspaper-Current Affairs Newspaper


  • Chinese name:时务报
  • Publisher:Current Affairs Newspaper Press
  • English Name:Current Affairs Newspaper
  • Language:Chinese
  • Type:Political newspapers
  • Interval of issue:Every 10 days
  • First issue:August 9th, 1896
  • Final issue:August 8th, 1898
  • Other edition:
  • Supplement:
  • Related celebrity:liang qi chao

Brief introduction:Current Affairs Newspaper was a famous and the most important newspaper for the Constitutional Reform and Modernization movement. It was established on August 9th, 1896 in Shanghai by Huang Zunxian, Wang Kangnian and Liang Qichao. The newspaper was published every 10 days and stone-printed on Lianshi paper. In late July, 1898, Emperor Guangxu issued an imperial edict making it a government newspaper but Wang Kangnian refused to take the order. Until its final issue on August 8th, 1898, the newspaper had published 69 issues in total. On August 17th, 1898, Wang Kangnian changed the newspaper into Chang Yan Bao and resumed publishing.