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Selected newspaper-Minguo Daily (Shanghai)


  • Chinese name:民国日报(上海)
  • Publisher:Minguo Daily Press
  • English Name:Minguo Daily (Shanghai)
  • Language:Chinese
  • Type:Political newspapers
  • Interval of issue:Daily
  • First issue:January 22nd, 1916
  • Final issue:January 31st, 1947
  • Other edition:Min Bao
  • Supplement:Awakening, Women’s review, Supplement on movies
  • Related celebrity:

Brief introduction:On January 22nd, 1916, Minguo Daily was first issued in Shanghai. The newspaper was established for the purpose of promoting anti-Yuan-Shikai campaign and became a very important media for the revolutionary Party of China. After the First National Congress of the Kuomintang, it became the official newspaper of the government. It was suspended before the “January 28th Incident” in 1932 under the order of Shanghai Municipal Council in concession. On May 4th the same year, it was resumed publishing under the name of Min Bao. It was changed back to Minguo Daily after the victory of Anti-Japanese War in 1945 and resumed in Shanghai on October 6th as 5666th issue in sequence with previous issue number. Minguo Daily had its final issue published on January 31st, 1947.