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Selected newspaper-JinChaji Daily


  • Chinese name:晋察冀日报
  • Publishing house:The Publishing House of JinChaji Daily
  • English Name:
  • Language: Chinese
  • Category:Political newspaper
  • Period:Daily
  • Establishing time: 4th December, 1937
  • The final issue time:14th June, 1948
  • Other edition:
  • Supplement:
  • Famous newspaperman:

Brief introduction:It was established by Jinchaji military district with the original name of . On August 1938, it was published by Jinchaji border area, and become the official organ of the party committee of Jinchaji border area of CPC. On November 1941, was changed the name to with Deng Tuo taking charge. On June 14th of 1948, published its notice to stop publication with 2854 issues in total period of 3 days, 6 months and 10 years. On June 15th 1948, and of Jin-JI-Lu-Yu were combined to finally.